Women that Walk

Explore the great outdoors

A walking group, for us ladies to get together, enjoy the beautiful countryside and let off some steam. It’s free to join and you don’t need to book. We can chat, laugh, get fitter, feel better and get free counselling from each other., the good old fashioned way. Nothing too far or too strenuous, just energy boosting fresh air and enough pace to get your heart pumping. Expect a few uphill’s, occasional styles and a bit of mud if it’s been raining. The good old British weather will never stop us from getting together on the last Saturday of every month.

It’s not for dogs, it’s just for us ladies to have nothing to think or worry about.There is a café or pub at the event starting and end point for those of you that wish to enjoy a tea, coffee or pint and carry on the chit chat.

Each walk will be around 5km in distance, and will take around 1 ½ hours to complete depending on weather and pace of walkers on the day.

Upcoming walks…

Join our supportive women’s walking group! We’re all about enjoying the feel-good energy of getting outdoors and moving across the Cam countryside.

Health & Safety

The Dursley and surrounding area is hilly and any of the walks will have a fair few hill– please consider any health issues you may have before deciding to join the walks and advise walk leaders of any concerns before setting off.

Many of the walks involve stiles and/or kissing gates. We apologise that, for this reason, many of the walks may not be accessible for people with mobility issues or may be unsuitable for push chairs. Please check with walk leader in advance.

To help the Walk to run safely, Walk Leaders will walk their routes in advance and assess what risks there are.

The Walk Leader will inform you of any significant risks before the walk commences and will remind you of specific risks when appropriate along the walk.

It is important that you listen to the Walk Leader’s advice, including as you proceed along the route.

Please do not attend a walk if you feel unwell.

When on a walk:

  1. please follow the instructions of the Walk Leader when any potential hazards are being negotiated.
  2. make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather expected on the day.
  3. ensure you are wearing appropriate footwear for the walk and remember to bring your walking pole if you use one.
  4. respect the need to allow space to other walkers to ensure you and they are comfortable given the continued risk of covid infection.
  5. make sure you bring food and drink sufficient for the length of the walk, and don’t forget any medications you need to take during the walk.

Please note: the Walk Leader can refuse to accept you onto the walk if you are likely to be putting yourself or others in danger.

Walk Guidelines

Walks are graded as Moderate: An easy paced walk over varied terrain with some hilly sections (4 – 7 miles)

The duration of each walk has been estimated by the walk leader. Sometimes walks take longer than estimated e.g. if there are large numbers of walkers or difficult conditions underfoot on the day or it is necessary to change the route slightly due to path closures.

Under 18’s and vulnerable people must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Dogs are not permitted on any walk, except for registered assistance dogs. This is for the comfort and safety of all the walkers in the group.

Please email karen@greatlifeproject.co.uk or secretary@dursleywelcomeswalkers.org.uk if you have any questions or specific needs.

Photos will be taken and may be used for publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be in any photographs please advise the walk leader.

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